A quick review of recent events in and around Davison HQ.

Everyone is still standing around here after a brutal two weeks of sickness. Evidence points to Jonah as happiest of all, I think, because he’s running, laughing, smiling, and so forth pretty much all day. The Roseola rash has disappeared and the fever broke a few days ago. He seems so happy to feel good that it’s hard not to feel almost equally happy for him. His life is very good once again.

Erin closed up the school year yesterday. Good year for her, especially considering the parental responsibilities she had to juggle along side it. From the stay-at-home-parent side of things, I was very impressed how she handled everything. None of that is to say that we’re both anything less than thrilled that summer vacation is here, though.

Apparently I am a Super Geek (45.36489%). I’m not sure if I take a perverse sort of pride in that or not. (Should I?) Feel free to get your own Geek score at The Geek Test.

Dave Van D., like the true-blue pal he is, disregarded his own better judgment and spent the day up here helping me mud the smaller bedroom. I’m sure it would have gone faster (and better) if either of us knew what we were doing, but coat #1 was on at the end of the day, so I shouldn’t complain….though typically I do in vociferous fashion. Anyway, Dave’s a major dude for hanging with me and helping out. The Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and Subway sandwich is really insufficient payment.

I’ll be doing round two of the mudding in the small bedroom tomorrow. Round one of the mudding in the master bedroom if I can tolerate the heat. It’s hard to believe I’m saying this and meaning it: If all goes well, I’ll be painting bedrooms this weekend.

Current thinking on the computer/music equipment purchasing front is this: 15″ PowerBook G4 1.5-GHz, MOTU MIDI interface, Sonnet Tempo Trio ATA controller/USB/FireWire, 80 GB ATA HD, 160 GB ATA HD, iPod, 2 Roland XP-80 sound cards, and maybe an AirPort Express and an iPod. Tomorrow I may think something else entirely.