The bedrooms are getting closer, but I’m resigned to the fact that they won’t be even close to ready when the Lillys visit.

Dave Morrison and I soldiered through the same sanding and mudding routine that Dennis and I slogged through on Saturday. End result? Pretty good, actually. (And big thanks to both Dennis and Dave for their help!) The smaller bedroom, with the exception of one corner near the door, is ready for texturing. The master bedroom needs a little more sanding first, but it’s nearly there as well. The master is really going to be helped out by the fact that we’ll be using either quarter-round or crown molding around the corners of the ceiling. My mudding has been a little sloppy.

Erin started her one week class at the Salem Chamber of Commerce today. She’s learning a lot about Salem, and pocketing three credits at the same time. I’m sure the course will be useful, but as far as I’m concerned anything that moves her closer to the next pay scale is a good thing.

Jonah spent the day with his grandparents and had a fun time of it. Our on-going thanks to them for watching the boy.

Tonight’s soccer game at Delta Park was a wash. No referee, which is obviously not what one likes to discover after driving up from Salem. The other team didn’t have enough players either, so we loaned them a few and played a friendly. It was alright but unsatisfying, really, when one expects a degree of formal combat.