The Lillys along with our 5 year old nephew Jared have been with us for a couple of days now. Jonah is having a delightful time with his new playmate. Jared is very good at imagining all kinds of different scenarios in which to play. While Jonah’s not exactly hip on what’s going on, he’s quite happy to have somebody more or less his size around doing the type of things he likes to do.

We’re making progress on the remodeling, with Bernard going at the texturing. His work is once again superb. If all goes well, the texturing will be completed by this Wednesday. Painting is coming soon.

I’ve been swamped with work, which I’m loathe to complain about since it means money in my pocket. Still, I hope to have things completed relatively soon since July and August have to be serious music months if I’m ever going to accomplish anything on that front. (Odds are already against me, but I’m trying to put on a brave face.)

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts on Monday. After hearing what goodies Steve Jobs has in store, I plan to start placing my orders for a wide variety of computer equipment including, I hope, a 15″ G4 PowerBook. Oops, I’m drooling again.