Here’s what’s been happening:

  • We saw Joe, Carol, and Ella yesterday up in Battle Ground. Drove up before my soccer game. Ella is some kinda cute. Sleeping very contentedly (on Carol’s mom’s lap) while we were there. The previous night was apparently a “good” night, with Ella getting some 5 hours straight of sleep so Joe and Carol appeared far more rested than I remember being at that stage and frankly am now. (Not that in my case it’s Jonah’s fault. My sleep woes are continuing without external assistance.)
  • I painted the closets yesterday so that we now have the option of either moving forward with painting the rest of the rooms or assembling the closet organizers. I suspect we’ll go with the painting next, but I’m taking today off from the remodeling. Probably be back at it again on Wednesday.
  • This day off comes partially because I’m tired from everything yesterday (plus I’ve gotten little sleep) but also because I expect my new PowerBook to arrive today. I’ve got to get stuff off of Trinity as soon as I can. The hard drive is holding its own since the weekend, but who knows when it will go south? I hope to have a PowerBook-related report this evening.
  • Jonah ran a slight fever (101.6) last night. We assume it’s because he’s been teething, but we’re gonna keep an eye on it. He slept OK last night.
  • I think John Kerry’s selection of John Edwards as a running mate is an excellent choice. Edwards is positive, upbeat and incisive. I think he’ll do very well in a debate against Cheney.
  • Best Star Wars fan films I’ve seen in a long time: Pink Five and Pink Five Strikes Back. Very funny stuff. [Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player]

UPDATE: Joe and Carol’s daughter’s name is Ella, not Emma, as Dennis helpfully pointed out. It’s corrected now in the story above. I’ve got to start blogging with more than 3 hours sleep under the belt.