We visited Joe, Carol, and Ella up in Battle Ground before my soccer game. Caught Robyn up there as a bonus. Ella’s looking great as are the new parents. (And while I’m at it, Robyn looked good too!) =) We had to leave for the game sooner than I would have liked, but certainly good times had by all.

The game itself was an 11 v. 8 affair against a decent squad with minimal numbers. Final score was something like 5-4 us, but realistically we should have played much better than we did. I had a mediocre first half followed by an OK second half. I ended with enough assists to make me happy.

Saw Dennis and Maria at the game and were able to wish them godspeed on their upcoming European vacation. Also to thank Dennis for letting me borrow the outstanding HBO mini-series DVDs of Band of Brothers. It’s a realistic World War II saga so the violence/gore level is high, but that aside it’s outstanding entertainment and quite well done. Highly recommended.

Received word from Apple that my 20″ Cinema Display is in capable FedEx hands. Expected deliver date of Wednesday, which means among other things that I really need to clear off some desk space. I don’t know where that sits in my long list of things to do, but I guess I’ll have to bump up the priority a bit.

Mystic, the G4 PowerBook, continues to run well with the baffling exception of Virtual PC. Both versions 5 and 6 are Mac OS X native, but neither seems to be able to get Windows 95 fully booted. I have no idea if the fault lies with Mystic, Virtual PC, or Windows 95, but guess which one is my default pick? I tested VPC on Trinity only to discover that Win95 wouldn’t boot up right there either, so I’m presently trying to hack my way through to get things up correctly. (This means booting Trin into 9.2, running VPC 5, transferring everything to VPC 6, rebooting under Mac OS X, running VPC 6.) Eventually, I’m going to upgrade to Win98 so I have full USB support and so that I can stick Windows apps in the Mac OS X dock(!). Yes, I’ll save a pure Win98 snapshot so that, when the Microsoft OS crashes hard in 6 months, I’ll have a safe harbor to which I can return.

I saw Dave over the weekend and did a little troubleshooting on his dad’s grape iMac. Surprising how much I enjoy messing around with various Macs. I should do this for a living or something. Anyway, Dave also gave me a couple really good suggestions regarding the on-going bedroom remodels. Turns out the thing I thought I could use his mitre saw for I can’t. Need a table saw. I hate to think what kind of crazy stunt I might have tried. But, hey, if not to expose my occasional (frequent? on-going? non-stop?) idiocy, what are friends for?

UPDATE: I was doing the Virtual PC Win 98 install when I noticed this message: “Setup will now detect your computer’s hardware and may restart your computer. If your computer stops responding for a long time, turn it off and then back on.” That is so wrong in so many ways.