I’ve been running and hiding and playing with Jared, Abby, Cindy, both sets of grandparents, extended family, Mom and Dad, and more! Luckily, Mom and Dad have been taking pictures, so I can offer you bonafide proof.

Besides what you see there, you should also know that I’m starting to understand what people are saying. Of course that doesn’t mean I always pay attention or that I do what they’re asking. I’m not crazy.

On the flip side, I’ve been working hard to form words of my own. So far “ma-ma-ma-ma” means “food.” I’ve got others, but Mom and Dad need to get on the same page with me here. I’m frequently finding that it’s much easier just to point or otherwise indicate physically what I want. I’m sure it helps that I’m cute.

I’m eating all kinds of yummy things these days. I went berry picking with Mom yesterday and ate my fill of blueberries. We had some strawberries earlier in the week, but they were too tart for my tastes. Ripe raspberries are good, though. Let’s see, what else do I like…peaches, waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, cereal, whole milk, toast with butter, macaroni and cheese, boca burgers in a bun with various condiments, french fries, ice cream….

Geez, I dunno, I think it might be easier to name foods I don’t like. If there were any. I might get tired of something for a bit, but I’m an eager eater when Mom and Dad trot it out again a week or so later. Carrots are a good example of that.

We’ll be heading to California in early August. I’m eager to ride on a plane again since apparently I slept through my previous flights. I think it will be a fascinating experience. I think Mom and Dad are happy it’s a short flight.