With the help of our neighbors Dean, Cindy, Fred, and Jeff, we organized a neighborhood block party which was held yesterday afternoon. Like previous get-togethers, the turnout was excellent, and we were again thrilled by the opportunity to meet and greet those who live around us.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful set of folks around here. The talk is already on for a Christmas party.

This evening’s soccer game offered proof of the age-old axiom that scoring goals makes up for a lot of deficiencies. That’s my way of saying that my play—on a large and bumpy field—was mediocre, but that I scored twice in a 2-1 victory. Who cares if you play lousy as long as you’re busy winning the game in the meantime? The first goal came on a free kick taken from about 25 yards out. I charged in to follow-up, and the keeper helpfully dropped the ball at my feet. The second goal was a header from a cross that popped really high in the air and which the keeper overran in trying to catch it. I just stood at the back of the net about 5 yards out and doinked it in.

One of the guys said after the game that I’d “saved them.” It’s a nice sentiment, but without the defense playing great and the midfield running their butts off, my goals either wouldn’t have happened or wouldn’t have won anything. Still, it’s hard not to feel good about putting in a meaningful contribution.