95 degrees will do that to you.

The house stayed reasonably cool after we shut all the windows this morning, but we had several ventures that took us out of doors and oh baby was it a scorcher. The bad news? Tomorrow’s high is supposed to top 100.

While it was still somewhat cool I installed the baseboard heater and the overhead light in the smaller bedroom. Except for a specialty light switch (an illuminated dimmer switch) that I cannot find, all the electrical in that room is finished. Not so in the master bedroom.

Also not so for the trim which needs to be painted. The closet doors will need to be painted as well, but we’re facing a bit of a problem there: The opening for the doors is 57″, a non-standard size. Unless I can order a custom-sized set of bifold doors, this is going to get interesting. I face a similar problem in the master, but there I’m only 1″ off so I might be able to fudge it.

Dave may be stopping in tomorrow or Saturday to help up with assembling closet organizers, so I suspect I’ll tackle that next. Another daunting problem is the window sill as I’m not really up-to-speed on how this is supposed to work. Still, one snafu at a time. I’m just happy to be making progress.