Not just because I’m feeling generous, but because I’m feeling grateful too.

  • Dave stopped in on Saturday and spent a good six hours with me on the second hottest day of the year (thus far) cooking in the master bedroom while we assembled the closet organizer. That’s right: Not even a 100 degree day stopped the man from showing up to help out. He may be certifiable, but he’s a heckuva a buddy and I’m glad he’s mine.

    By the end of the day we were about half done which was right on schedule for us. When we put the closet organizer up in Jonah’s room we slogged through about 12 hours of fun before finishing. It appears we’re on the same pace. I will say, however, that it looks mah-vellous with the overhead closet light, and already I’m stoked about being able to store so much more in the same amount of closet space.

    That Mill’s Pride stuff from Home Depot is nifty. It ran about $300 for what we’re doing, but that’s roughly 1/3 what it would cost to have a pro come in and handle it. If you have even a little bit of aptitude with tools (screwdriver, drill), patience, and the desire to save money, doing it yourself is absolutely the way to go.

    But it helps to have a friend.

  • We started tonight’s soccer game with only 10 players and had to use a substitute keeper for the first 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, our opponents scored during that time, and despite several good chances, we couldn’t do better than a 1-1 tie. I’m happy to report that I had a very pretty assist in the game, but the shot on it may have been even better. It was made by a woman on our team who I’ve been trying to setup a goal for for two seasons now, so I probably drew more pleasure from her goal than my assist. That’s always a cool feeling.
  • Just returned from Europe and undoubtedly not completely lucid after traversing something like 10 time zones, Dennis(!) dropped in on the game to say “hey.” I lacked time to get many stories from his travels—he had to leave at half time, surely to go collapse somewhere—but I did receive confirmation that his recent journey with Maria totally rocked. Which isn’t exactly unexpected, but it’s always nice to hear anyway.
  • Ye ol’ Davison Clan celebrated my dad’s birthday this weekend with a trip to his favorite Mexican joint and a follow-up cake. A good time had by all? You bet!
  • Jonah’s entered a climbing phase, which requires extra attentiveness from us. You’ll turn away for just a second, and he’s climbed up on a chair. That’s not so bad unless he stands up. Then there’s the threat that he’ll take a tumble and with our hardwood floors that wouldn’t be a good thing.

    He’s doing increasingly well at feeding himself with utensils. It’s not like he’s spot-on into the mouth every time (or even most times), but he’s getting the hang of it with our assistance, and the more talented that boy gets, the happier I am.

  • Business stuff continues to be overwhelming, but I’m doing the best I can. I have a ton to do in the next week. I’ve been trying to bop back and forth between the business stuff and the remodeling, so as to stay fresh on both. Of course that makes the progress seem slower, so I dunno if it’s a good plan or not. But what the heck: Props to me for the effort. Props all around.