I had my 15 months “Well Baby” checkup yesterday. I am fine. The nurse nonetheless jabbed me twice with a syringe of something. Dad said it was for my own good, but I didn’t see him getting jabbed, so how good can it be? It wasn’t that big a deal, but I was annoyed at the time. Then Mom showed me a copy of The Fox and the Hound, and I forgot all about the injections.

I’m 31.5 inches now and looking forward to hitting 3 feet. Won’t that be something! My head size now above the 50th percentile on the EPIC charts, but my weight (22 lbs 7 oz) is 25th which is down a bit from previous charts. Of course I wasn’t running around like a madman then and I certainly am now. I’m climbing things too. Woot woot!