I am not wanting for things to do during my days.

Here’s the latest on the remodel: Except for a pesky shelf, I’ve finished installing the closet organizer in the master bedroom. Very much looking forward to filling the thing. Erin painted the trim this afternoon, and I’ll be putting that up tomorrow after I hook up the baseboard heater in the master. I special ordered from Home Depot Supply a dimmable illuminated light switch yesterday and received the same today. Installation was a snap, and it is so much better than the funky $30 Lutron Maestro push-button jobby I put in the other two bedrooms that words fail me. (But not for long. I plan an extended review and comparision.)

I’ve played soccer three times this week, and they have been perhaps my best outings of the year. My cold is (finally!) all but gone, my touch on the ball has been excellent (for a change), and my endurance has starting picking up. Of course the season ends next week. I’m planning on playing in the fall, but I have yet to set that up.

Jonah passed through his 15 month Well Baby checkup with no problems. See his web site for further info.

SiteRev.com continues to keep me extraordinarily busy. I normally try to dial things back in the summer, but this year I seem to have failed utterly. If anything, I’ve been more busy than the rest of the year. There are, of course, worse problems to have.