I spent yesterday up in Portland with Garr and his girlfriend Adrienne. I’d not met Adrienne before other than in passing at a loligo concert some years past (she plays violin, I believe). We lunched at Cricket Cafe in SE. Good food, lousy service. Worked a few hours trying to get Garr’s G4 up to snuff. Except for program-specific issues with Digital Performer 3 and 4, I was able to solve everything. Dined at the McMenamin’s Barley Mill Pub. What can you say? Pub food, pub prices. OK by me! Great to see Garr and meet Adrienne.

Today, Erin, Jonah, and I joined Joe, Carol, Ella, Dennis, Maria, and Robyn at Matt, Ginger, and Laura’s for a very pleasant get-together BBQ under sunny skies. The kids slept, played, and babbled by turns. (Well, “played” might be a little misleading when it comes to the 1 month-old Ella. Still, I’ll bet she had a good time.) Dennis and Maria, recently returned from Europe, showed off picts from Sweden. Very nice trip! Great images! Matt did up a great BBQ, and we all enjoyed yummy eats. Thanks to all who attended, and Matt & Ginger in particular for hosting and organizing!