We had the good fortune to see our long lost friend Helana yesterday afternoon when she stopped in with her husband Michael and their kids Keith and Brett in tow. Michael works as a crane operator for General Motors in Ontario, Canada, while Helana plays Super Mom. As Michael has two daughters from a previous marriage, they frequently have four kids at home. It sounded like a situation wonderful in its chaos, if that makes sense.

My only regret—and I think it’s one shared by Helana—is that the distance apart we live is such that we’re unlikely to see each other more than every several years. Still, Erin and I were thrilled to be able to introduce Jonah, meet Brett, see Keith, and talk with Helana and Michael. Out of such marvellous moments extended happiness is achieved and a beautiful life lived. Or so I’ve always thought.

Last evening’s soccer game in Portland was a 2-0 loss with 9 players. We actually may have played our best game of the season. The other team was good, but I think we would have beaten them with a full squad. As was, we had several good scoring opportunities. (I had a header into the upper corner cleared over the top. Bummer for me.) We were ultimately let down by some tragic goalkeeping, so thoughts inevitably turn to how we might have done with Dennis in goal. (Answer: better.) Nonetheless, a good way to end the co-ed rec soccer season.