Los Altos, California

After a very pleasant day of recuperation at the Lillys, we dined this evening with our friends Michael and Marilyn. After some initial shyness, Jonah was smitten. He had such a good time running back and forth across their living room, diving into the pillows they stacked in the middle of the room, and chowing down on Marilyn’s fantastic dinner, that if Jonah could speak coherently I just know he’d be asking to return tomorrow.

Especially after we visited nearby Bubb Park and Jonah stepped foot into the giant sandbox play area. Oh my what a happy little boy! We had to coax him onto the playthings (and out of the sand), but once we did he really enjoyed going down the slide. I enjoyed catching him, too.

So much thanks to Michael and Marilyn for the terrific dinner and the wonderful evening!