Los Altos, California

We lunched at Habana Cuba in San Jose with our friends Maurice and Debi. They’ve been performing belly-dance as a couple for awhile now, and it’s proved incredibly popular. I marvel at their versatility. Maurice also works a storage systems engineer for IBM and plays clarinet (if memory serves). Debi is a college professor and former big-time equestrian rider. Both are fluent in Spanish (Maurice is Cuban and Debi teaches Spanish). They travel a lot. Apparently the pick up new things like belly-dancing and do well at those too. I’m incredibly impressed.

(In addition to their other talents, they’re also both hyper-intelligent, charming, and funny. But perhaps I understate.)

Maurice ordered the Cuban sampler for us for lunch, and literally everything we had was fantastic. Thanks to Maurice and Debi (and Habana Cuba) for the wonderful lunch!