Los Altos, California

Our friends Jennie and Jon have had a whirlwind time of it lately: They’ve gotten engaged, moved from Washington, D.C. to Mountain View, California, found an apartment, and recovered from bronchitis. Additionally, Jon quit his IT job for National Geographic and took a position with Apple in Cupertino. That’s a lot of change in a very short amount of time!

We met over at Tom and Marge’s place (Jennie’s folks) for dinner. Jonah was in fine form and, along with the Smiths’ new puppy Maggie, provided some solid entertainment.

Jon and I held wide-ranging discussions and, interestingly, have come to many of the same conclusions. His academic background is political science, so I was curious to get his take on the presidential race. Short form: It’s virtually identical to mine. (So fear not, Kerry fans.) We talked about Apple and the Mac as well, and the fruits of that discussion are available in today’s Macintosh entry.

Thanks to Tom, Marge, Jennie, and Jon for the great evening and terrific dinner!