Los Altos, California

Joe and Helen came down from their new place in Petaluma. We met the Lillys and Petersons in downtown San Jose at a jazz festival, followed by -yes- another trip to Habana Cuba. If you’re ever in San Jose, you simply must give it a try.

While down at the jazz festival, Jonah and Jared splashed in the water of a park, we enjoyed a little bit of the music, and Mark and I checked out the new line-up from Ford Motor, who had a large exhibit there. My take: The 2005 Mustangs look retro-cool; the hybrid SUV Escape, which clocks in between 30-35 MPG, looks just like any other small SUV (which means I have little interest); the Freestar, Ford’s minivan, is anything but free with a sticker price north of $30,000. You think buyers will drop $30k on a Freestar before they will a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna? Think again.

Thanks to the Lilly clan—especially Joe and Helen who had to take quite the drive—for the fun day.