Spoiler Warning: This show repeats on CBS on Saturday at 8 PM. The following review will spoiler it for you if you’ve not already seen it.

We start in Egypt by the Sphinx. Team 1, Colin and Christie, built such a huge lead during the last leg of the race that it seems a shame that they’ll lose all seven hours of it at an airport or train station or whatever. Sure to happen, though, since producers can’t possible allow a team to get that far ahead. It would really kill the drama, you know?

Tonight’s drinking game is the same as week’s: Everybody drinks whenever Mirna tells Charla to hurry up or run faster or whenver Mirna says that she can’t do something. If you were playing last week and weren’t completely tanked by the end of the show, you did it wrong. In fact, you should’ve been drunk off your you-know-what every week now.

Colin 11:27 PM to the entrance of the Great Pyramid. 350 feet down. Seven hour lead down to 40 minutes. (What a crock.)

400 miles to Luxor, Egypt. Cairo, Egypt’s old Mound of Creation.

6:46 AM start for Chip and Kim. Chip’s really come on strong in these last couple of rounds. His buoyant personality and helpful nature really makes you want to cheer for him.

Everybody drinks: Mirna being lame in the tunnel; Charla being cool. Nicole gives Brandon props for being buff. Mirna gives Brandon props for being buff. Hands off, girlie. He’s taken.

All teams likely to catch Colin & Christie at the airport. What a crock.

Pizza boys screwed by the knee thing. My pick for who loses this time out.

Mirna and Charla try to steal CC’s cab. What incredible losers. Pizza boys dropping down in the tunnel. Let’s see them climb pack up. Hey, they’re doing it. Wow. Good for them. Still think they’re hosed, though.

8:33 am Twins depart. “Karli and I are confused,” says Kami. Hey, she does understatement. They’re cute, but unbelievably dumb.

10:09 AM Bowling Mom’s hosed without cash. Beg money from tourists. Make the bottom of the Great Pyramid by 10:30 AM. That’s good work. Rush by taxi to make an 11:30. Dopey taxi driver takes them to the wrong airport. Bowling Moms screwed again by taxi drivers. If they aren’t eliminated this time out either they’ve done some amazing racing or some other team (Kami and Karli?) has done something mind-blowingly stupid.

Flight delayed. Bowling Mom’s still in it. Why was it delayed? The conspiracy theorist in me says the producers held the flight, which was a charter, just so the Moms could catch-up. They miss it and they’re eliminated for sure, even with the gimpy kneed Pizza Boys.

Racing taxis in Luxor. “I think Colin is jealous of me,” says Mirna. In your dreams, baby. Unless you think jealous and hatred are the same thing.

Detour. Tell it, Phil. Herd it or Haul it. 10 sheep on a boat or haul water on donkey. Pizza boys not looking good. I would have done the goats into the boat. Chip kicking butt grabbing goats. Colin & Christie done with the donkey water thing. Brandon & Nicole in second.

Chip & Kim having a great time at least. Mirna hosing Charla in the goat catch thing. Oh, what’s that Mirna? Everybody drinks! Still, Pizza boys nowhere to be seen. Sure would be cool if they caught up. Shoot. Mirna and Charla made it. Pizza Boys running last. Chip and Kim in 3rd.

HABU temple road block: Dig for Stone Scarab. Oh lordy. Colin doesn’t know what a scarb is. Maybe Brandon can help. Nope. Nobody knows. Geez. Colin gets lucky, helps Brandon and Kim by showing them scarab.

Onto the pitstop; last team will be eliminated.

Bowling Moms don’t know what a scarab is. Twins don’t know. Mirna & Charla don’t know. Criminy, people. Read a book sometime, OK?

Chip & Kim into second. Twins into third. Brandon & Nicole into fourth. Bowling Moms and Mirna & Charla are getting frustrated. (Everybody drinks!) Unfortunately, the Pizza Boys are nowhere to be found. Unless we see video soon of them catching up, I’d have to say they’re doomed.

Dang. Mirna gets it. CC coming into first looking good. CK in 2nd. Twins in 3rd. BN in 4th. CM in 5th. Bowling Moms second to last. But no video overlap, so who knows how close the Pizza guys were. The show’s been edited (again) to make it seem close. Pizza guys quit at the dig site after seeing all other dig sites completed. Phil comes out to the site to give the Pizza boys the bad news. Like you couldn’t see that coming.

In review, props to Colin & Christie for running a fantastic race. Chip & Kim, Brandon & Nicole, and the Twins also did well. Mirna & Charla seemed to luck their way through this round—they’ve been extraordinarily lucky in the race by the way—but I don’t think anybody had more luck than the Bowling Moms. They miss that charter flight, and even the Pizza Boys might have been able to finish ahead of them.

Bummer for the Pizza Boys, but the culling of the herd continues.