August 10, 2004

After bidding au revoir to Erin and Jonah at San Jose International, I boarded a full but uneventful Alaska Air flight for home. Dad picked me up at the airport and by mid-afternoon I saw home. When we had originally conceived the “Ty flies home a week early” plan—Erin and Jonah will be staying in Los Altos until August 17—the idea was that I could get some work done, kick back a bit, and maybe work on some music. Hahahaha. Like the rest of my “Summer of Music” plan, this one went almost straight into the crapper. I now have client work in Portland Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I’ll be painting the second coat in the master bedroom on Saturday and Sunday plus doing the trim in the smaller bedroom. I’ll be cleaning up the house some too, because Monday I’ve got more client work and Tuesday I pick Erin and Jonah up at the Portland International Airport. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men….