Vancouver, Washington

In a move sure to scandalize the neighborhood, I spent last night at Maria’s in Vancouver rather than make two trips up and down I-5 to Salem. Her place maintains a nice temperature in the face of hot weather (like today’s) and cools down further after sunset. Sweet!

Maria dined with Dennis and his relatives, so I ordered a pizza (“The Bach”) from Vancouver Pizza. Expensive but not bad is my insta-review.

After Maria got in, we stayed up talking and watching Will & Grace and Last Comic Standing. The latter should be taped so that all the cheering can be skipped. Between the applause and the commercials and the next to pointless Jay Mohr chatter, you barely get any routines. Those you do get tend to be pretty good, though, so that’s a plus.

Thanks to Maria and the feline wait staff for making my stay such a pleasant one!

Unfortunately, upon my return home today I discovered the biggest sugar ant infestation we’ve had here. Gott’em in the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom, plus trails connecting all of the above. I’ve laid out gobs of Terro for them to dine on and they’re taking to it nicely. We’ll see how it looks in the morning.