I’m having a time of it trying to get all the trim on in the bedrooms. The cutting with the mitre saw is going OK (a corollary to which is that the measuring is also going OK), but getting the trim attached to the walls is proving very difficult. I’m going to look at borrowing a neighbor’s nail gun tomorrow. There has got to be a better way than I’m doing it, because I’m doing it poorly (and slowly and without enthusiasm). God, I can’t wait until this remodel is done.

Thanks to Maria and her mom Jan, I’ve acquired three Power Mac 8600s. Two of these I’m giving away; the third I’m hoping to use as a music machine. There’s not really much advantage to an 8600 over a 7600. It has video in/out where as the 7600 only has video in. The 8600 also has a Zip 100 drive. For the most part they’re unimportant differences. So maybe I’ll stick with Zephyr. I’m torn.

For whatever reason—I don’t know why—I’ve been on fire during the last three soccer kick arounds at Bush Park. Forgive the immodesty, but I’m dribbling, shooting, and passing fantastically well. It’s like I’m a totally different player. Right now my guesses as to the before-and-after difference are these: One, that I’ve been watching the Olympic soccer teams play and I’ve been successful at emulating their good work; two, that I’m finally over the extended cold I had earlier in the season and I’ve recovered some of my lung capacity; or three, God’s playing an awfully funny joke and I’ll break my leg this weekend.

Given how poorly I’ve played most of this year, I’ve got to say that I’m utterly delighted to have things going so well (for a change).