Worth the trip to Eugene.

This evening Erin’s long-time friend Terri and her husband Jim threw a party to celebrate Terri’s birthday. The party at their home in Eugene was conducted in fine style with yummy eats and interesting guests.

Among the many people we met and spoke with were Geoff, Kim and their daughter Elana. Friends of Jim and Terri’s, they’d only recently come to our attention because they’re looking at buying a house in the Salem area and Terri was able to hook us up via email. Currently, they’re renting a place fairly near us, and Elana being near Jonah’s age, we’re thinking there may be some great opportunities for play dates.

Speaking of Jonah, except for taking a couple of tumbles, Jonah had a wonderful time running around in the house, exploring the yard, and playing with the numerous dogs in attendance. Yes, pictures will be posted soon!

I wanted to mention that Jim, amazingly, has lost some 50 lbs. on a modified South Beach Diet which I must say really got my attention when he uttered the magic words “no portion controls.” I’ll have to investigate this further.

Congrats to Terri on the occasion of her birthday, and thanks to both Jim and Terri for the great party!