After dropping Jonah off for a day at his grandparents, Erin and I went to Home Depot to check out window shades and bedroom lights. Erin nixed my idea of motorized remote-controlled blinds, but agreed that they might make sense in the living room after a remodel. Otherwise I think we found a few options from among which to make a final determination after we do a color check with our curtains.

We didn’t find anything all that nifty in the lighting, but we had better luck at The Light Gallery, a locally owned light store by the airport. I’ll install that overhead light plus a bunch of my nifty new illuminated dimmer switches tomorrow.

After I got back from my work in Portland yesterday I watched a tape of the gold medal US v. Brazil women’s soccer game. Wow, did we ever deserve to lose. The Brazilians outplayed us in virtually every respect and are on their way, I think, to being the same type of dominate squad that the Brazilian men’s team is. I don’t see nearly as bright a future for the US.

I’m not saying that the loss of Hamm, Foudy, Chastain, Lilly, and Fawcett spells doom, but unlike when Hamm took over from Michelle Akers, there is no heir apparent. It’s not like we need one, but given the ugly style that coach April Heinrich insists on playing, I think we’re going to have increasing trouble scoring. With little creativity out the midfield (or, I hardly need add, anywhere else), it’s more incumbent than ever for individuals to deliver. Waumbach will get her bulldozer-style goals and score some headers, to be sure, but that’s a pretty one-dimensional game for other teams to have to shut down, so some body else will have to step it up. Given what I’ve seen, I have no idea who that will be.

Unless we have a coaching change or a superstar emerges, I expect the next women’s World Cup champions to be from Brazil.

[In case anybody’s overdosed on Olympic coverage, here’s some video of decidedly lower than average performances. Just trying to help you maintain a balance.]