Our friends Suzanne, Dave, and their 5 month-old son Travis are on the Oregon leg of their Travis Hemstreet Victory tour and thoughtfully included us in their trip. After a day at the Oregon State Fair, they arrived over at our place just as I was headed out to my soccer kick around at Bush Park. After a brief greeting I ran off to soccer (where I played well) then returned for a pizza dinner with the crew.

Travis is one very cute, very happy child. He has a smile that lights up a room, and he’s not bashful about flashing it. Indeed, all I had to do was smile in his direction and he happily “out-smiled” me every time. What a delightful boy! Though separated by about 11 months, Travis and Jonah got along swimmingly.

To our delight, Dave, Sue & Travis were able to have an overnight at the newly remodeled Hotel Davison. After a leisurely morning, all but Erin (who had a pedicure appointment, believe it or not) strolled down Bush Park for a casual picnic lunch. We mosied back, then it was time for our friends to depart.

Our thanks to Dave, Sue & Travis for including us on their trip to Oregon!