While I’m busy playing political games like handicapping the presidential race—tightened presently thanks to the GOP post-convention bounce—I wanted to point out a quick political quiz you can take to see with which candidate you’re most in tune.

For me, it was Dennis Kucinich at 55% followed by Ralph Nader at 48%. Howard Dean, MD, was a surprisingly low 33%, which is notable since I liked virtually his entire platform and supported him in the primaries. Not surprisingly, George W. Bush was dead last at 20%. See how you do!

Every feel like you could write a better stump speech than George Bush gives? (Obviously you could give a better one.) Here’s your chance.

Did you know that Dick Cheney said that the lousy economic numbers were misleading because lots of people sell stuff on eBay and that’s not included? Of course, this from a member of the administration that wanted to classify McDonald’s employees as factory workers because the “assemble” a burger.