We had our first Men’s over 30 Division II game today, and the other team did not show up. So 1-0 forfeit, we win. We scrimmaged amongst ourselves for about 90 minutes, which was fun despite some awful play by yours truly. It’s funny the way things go up and down. A couple weeks ago I was on fire and everything I touched was magic. Now I’m missing in every possible way (except a penalty that I slotted) around the frame. It’s not like I’m shanking wildly; I’m just a little off. The same is true for my passes and my dribbling. We’ll see how it goes at Tuesday’s kick-around.

The Steelers launched their season today with a 24-21 victory over the visiting Oakland Raiders. Despite letting the Raiders back into the game after building a nice lead, the Steelers did well. They blitzed frequently—always good to see—and put Raider QB Rich Gannon under considerable pressure most of the game. Although the secondary remains a little suspect, I’d have to say that the defense looked sharper than they did for much of last season.

The offense has reverted to traditional Steeler football. That is to say we will run the ball down your throat until you stop us. New RB Duce Staley did very well, and chewed up considerable yardage and clock time. Jerome Bettis, now serving in a goal line-only role, had 5 rush for 2 yards and 3 TDs. (Has a running back ever had more TDs than yards rushing?) They are a very effective rushing tandem.

Charles Woodson, the Raiders’ outstanding corner, more or less shut down Plexico Burress, but Hines Ward had a big day to make up for it. Given time in the pocket—the offensive line protection was good—Maddox can deliver the ball just fine.

So props to my Steelers. Most pre-season pundits had them finishing 6-10 this year. They still may, but right now they’re 1-0 and looking good.