Battle Ground, Washington

Jonah and I are up here at the five-star Hotel Kann for an overnight before I take a fishing trip with Dave Morrison and Joe. Jonah will be hanging out with Carol, Ella, Eileen, and Susan. (The boy will be entertained!)

This afternoon and evening we hung out while Jonah explored, then went over to a local park so Jonah could play on some toy equipment while Joe and I hooped it up. Jonah was more interested in watching the hoops than playing with the toys, which was all right. Joe and I demolished the competition in a quick 2×2 game before changing up the sides to make it more even. The other players were relatively awful (and, to be fair, young) so it wasn’t exactly NBA ball but a fun time nevertheless.

Joe BBQ’d up some burgers once we returned home and we gratefully chowed down on those before Jonah did a bath and bedtime. Afterward, Joe and I worked on getting Warcraft II running via Classic mode, something which apparently only works with the edition which I do not have. Unlucky me! We did however figure out FutureCop, a great Classic mode game from Electronic Arts(!) which offered good network play via Airport Extreme. I still do not understand how points are scored (or, as a result, how the game says I “won”), but we had an enjoyable time of it anyway. Like to try that some more.