That the Steelers went down to defeat at the hands of the much-loathed Baltimore Ravens would be worse if the Birds defense weren’t so good. And the game was in Baltimore. Add to this the traditional Steeler penchant for not hitting stride until 4 or 5 games into a season, and I’m OK being 1-1. Hope we play better next week, though.

Today’s Men’s Over 30 Division II game was a blowout. Our final victory was 6- or 7-0 (I lose count once it goes over 5). I played moderately well, but I was hardly an essential component. This team is stocked with some very good talent (meaning I’m not the best player on the field—I’m probably somewhere in the 4th to 6th range). Now 2-0, I predict that we finish way above .500 on the season.