I’ve had a pretty sore back ever since last Sunday’s 7-0 soccer victory up in Portland. I mentioned, I think, that the Division 2 team I’m playing on is absolutely loaded with talent and will in all likelihood clean up the league. I saw nothing on Sunday to convince me otherwise. The team we played was decent, with one particularly talented midfielder, and we cleaned their clocks. I had one shot go just wide early, another in the upper left corner get saved by the keeper (nice shot, nice save) midway through the first half, then I had two pretty assists in the second half. Considering we had no midfield or forward subs, I thought I did well.

Unfortunately, as I noted, my back is feeling creaky, and with all of Jonah’s up-and-downs, it’s been a bit much. I stayed away from soccer at Bush Park yesterday as a result, but I wasn’t very happy about it. I’m playing pretty well again, and when that’s the case, I don’t like spending time away from the game. I think I will play some indoor this fall/winter.

The Bush/Kerry electoral vote numbers have tightened back up a bit, but we’ll see how it is after Thursday’s debate. Since the set-up is roughly a dueling monologues format, I expect Kerry will have to be fairly aggressive in his comments in order to make any head-way. We shall see. My numbers show a Bush victory if the election were held today, but I still think Kerry will turn things around in time.