I’ll set aside just for today the news that our soccer team played awful and still won 6-1. We scored some nice goals, were never seriously threatened, and other than a lack of playing time due to too many players, had a good time of it. Well, I took a knee to the quad that’s a little stiff now, but anyway.

Steelers won 28-17 over the Bungles. Always happy to beat a division rival, though I’m using the term “rival” loosely.

The big news of the day is that we finally got our family room electronics fully set up. We’ve got the VCR, DVD, TV, receiver, CD player, and tape deck all shoved into the big $30 entertainment center I bought at a garage sale some months back. Desperately need new and better speakers, though. The couch is by the window across from everything, and after running some cable this weekend, I’ve got cable TV working. In other words, the family room somewhat resembles a real room. This is a very happy change of affairs.

We’ve also cleared enough space in the utility area that Jonah can run around. He does—we do—a lot. I am seriously starting to get that “run around with Jonah” weight loss plan going.