We played an Italian team today in Portland and emerged with a 3-0 victory, though the other squad failed to finish several good chances. I had two goals, a pleasing result especially since they were had in a meaningful game (not a 6-0 rout). The first was on a corner kick from Vince. Greg, our big tall defensive stopper came barrelling through the box. All the defenders seemed to follow him through and when the ball proved too high even for him, I was on the other end to head it hard into the net.

The second goal was a breakaway by Sean, a collegiate Division 1 All-American and perhaps the best player I’ve ever played with in terms of finishing breakaways. On the third goal, I’d beaten a player down the left wing, cut the ball back and was advancing across the box when I was unceremoniously taken down from behind. I was more than happy to send the penalty kick into the back of the net.

Good times!