In short, how did so many exit polls suddenly go so wrong?

I’m neither the first nor likely the last to wonder if the US elections were hacked. Many of us on the technological side of the fence have been warning about the use of insecure computers to tabulate election returns for a while now.

This article is either the iceberg tip of a rightwing conspiracy or of leftwing lunacy. I’m inclined to guess the former. Unfortunately, evidence will be very hard to come by.

Despite press claims to the contrary, the 2004 elections were not smooth. Indeed, lines were long in many polling places, and Common Cause’s report, to cite one example, called the system “fragmented and under-funded.”

Other stories filtering out of the election likewise do not inspire confidence.

Still, my problem at its most basic is this: I cannot believe that there are that many people in the United States who are stupid enough to vote for George Bush. Undeniably, I could be wrong about this. America is loaded with ignorant folks. I just continue to be amazed that they are a voting majority. It is also true that, having stolen the election in 2000, I doubt very much that the Republicans would have qualms about doing it again. Dumb versus evil, what a choice.

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