After a fantastic time checking out houses with Dave and realtor Bob Van Deusen on Friday morning and afternoon, I rented a minivan at Enterprise and Erin, Jonah, and I went up to Portland to pick up Christine, Jared, and Liz for the weekend. (The minivan was a 2005 Ford Freestar. Not what I’d buy, but not terrible either.)

The relations were in town for Erin’s Great Aunt and Uncle’s 170th birthday party (he’s 90, she’s 80) on Saturday. This was a very good time, and since George (the Great Uncle) is a former bigwig in the state Democratic party, we saw and met lots of famous Demos (Barbara Roberts, Bill Bradbury, and Hardy Myers to name three). We hung out at George and Irene’s afterward, munched left-overs and had a good time. Happy birthday to them!

Christine flew out to Chicago on business on Sunday morning. I was dropped off at my soccer game (a 3-1 victory; 1 assist for me) while Erin and Jonah dropped Liz and Jared off at PDX. Big and hearty thanks to Christine, Jared, and Liz for coming up! We’ll take quality time over no time at all anytime.