Actually, I have no idea if that’s true, but it certainly seems to be today.

I awoke this morning in the early AM to find some 40+ spams sitting in my In Box. That’s usually not a big deal since it’s easy enough to select them and hit Junk or Delete. Unfortunately, these were MovableType Spams from comments posted to this web site. So I banned the IP addresses of the sender and spent the next 30 minutes going through my web site and deleting the offending comments. I hope nobody was looking at the Davison Online comments for a good source of Viagra.

I am sorry to report that everyone here at Davison HQ is ill. Erin’s been suffering with the cold/flu thing all week. Jonah picked it up a couple days ago, and it hit me last night. I’m afraid it will destroy our sizable weekend plans, which if so is a major bummer. We’ll see, but as of 8 AM Saturday morning I’m not optimistic.

Finally, the teacher’s union soundly rejected the tentative agreement between their bargaining team and the school district. That puts us on budgetary tenderhooks for awhile longer, and since I found the contract plenty acceptable, I’m afraid of how this will play out. I would not be surprised to find the union on strike in February, something I would consider both stupid and depressing.

Of course “stupid” and “depressed” isn’t a far cry from how I’m feeling right now. I hate being sick.