So we’re all well and truly sick here at Davison HQ. We missed our friend Bruce at Robyn’s party last night (not to mention other friends—you know who you are). That has us downcast. I gave soccer a “no-go” today, curling up this morning to watch my beloved Steelers trounce the hapless Brownies. That was a feel-good, at least.

Then Erin and I had to drive to the Portland airport to redeem a certificate for airline travel over the Christmas holiday. I’d already postponed the process several days until it couldn’t be dragged out further without a price increase to the tickets. Man, oh, man would we both have rather been sleeping while Jonah napped. (My dad came over to watch after the boy.) It wasn’t a bad drive, but I swear it was the last thing we felt like doing.

Erin’s debating whether or not to prepare sub plans for tomorrow. (I think she should.) I’m already staring at this week and thinking, “Oh my.” At least that’s what I’m thinking in the Rated-G version. Add a couple words to change the rating. This is unlikely to be an easy week.

Come on life, surprise me.