Vancouver, Washington

After a morning spent working on finances and business, I took Jonah over to the end of season soccer team party. One of the fellows from the team hosted it here in town, and we spent 2+ hours basically exploring his kid-friendly home and occasionally chatting with other players. Jonah had a good time in other words, and I did too, though I might have preferred to engage with the attendees a bit more. Hard to hold an extended conversation when Jonah’s always wanting to see the next big thing. Good break for Erin though, and definitely good times for me and the boy.

I jetted up I-5 to Aloha, where I met another team member for a birthday dinner at The Keg, a steak house. Nobody else from the team was there (likely having attended a similar party for the player last Saturday), but I enjoyed talking with his friends and meeting new people. The food? Fair. I had chicken. Thought it was average.

Afterward, I raced over to Maria’s in Vancouver to meet with her and Dennis, since I was running about an hour late. I’ve got a meeting in Portland in the morning plus a mid-day soccer game in Portland tomorrow, so it was nice of Maria to let me crash at her pad. (Thanks!)