After a pleasant morning with Dennis and Maria—we watched the Ben Stiller/Jack Black/Christopher Walken comedy Envy—I set off just before noon to brave the fog and 40 degree temperatures on the pitch at Delta. Despite a lack of players, the opposing squad was only down 1-0 at half. I had a goal in the opening minute of the second half, however, and followed up with an assist that basically moved the game out of reach. I don’t know what the final score was, but it was a lot to zero. My endurance level, always a spotty thing of mine to begin with, suffered mightily from the recent illness. We’re in the championship on December 4. Hope I’m fully recovered by then.

Afterward, I went to my friend Terri’s in Portland. After making myself presentable, we drove over to the Mac Store where we were able to wrangle educational pricing on an new iBook and various other Mac-related items. Terri took me out for a very nice dinner at a restaurant called Equinox near Mississippi Ave. (All organic and very good. Recommended.) There, I was able to meet Terri’s boyfriend John for the first time. He is an environmental policy analyst for Clark County in Washington. Assesses the impact of regulations and such on threatened or endangered species. Nice guy, too.

I spent about an hour or so setting everything up for Terri while she worked on a paper for a Communications class she’s taking at Portland State. Wireless keyboard and mouse = nifty! I must say that the Apple wireless keyboard that uses Bluetooth looks very, very tempting. Especially since it’s only $62 (ed price). I’ll be back up to Terri’s within the next few weeks to set up a wireless network once her DSL arrives.