I took a month off from blogging since I’ve been so busy doing other things. I hope nobody’s missed me too much. To compensate, I’ve had Dad post another one of my very popular photo galleries. This one, Photo Gallery 23, features pictures of me from October and November.

I’m 19-months old now, and besides steadily improving my language comprehension in both French and English, I’ve begun to really try out some words. It’s fun! Mom or Dad will give me a word to say and I’ll try my best to repeat it. Usually they seem very pleased with my efforts.

They’ve been a little less pleased with my screaming jags which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I think me screams sound just fine, but they’re clearly not very happy about it. That get that same look they do when I throw my food. I don’t do that too often either, but, wow, when I do, they’re none-too-happy!

Dad and I have been playing a lot upstairs in the green room. We’ve got a little cushy Steeler football that I throw to him and he congratulates me. He says I’ve got a very good arm. Otherwise we kick little soft soccer balls and run around the room. If he doesn’t go where I want, I’m sure to point out the spot he’s supposed to be. I’m uncertain why, but most adults I try this with laugh before moving. Oh well, as long as they get there.

I’ve been watching a fair amount of Seseme Street. I know Mom and Dad debated a long time about when to let me watch any TV at all. I think they finally decided that Seseme Street was OK since it’s educational and since it reinforces a lot of the things they’re trying to teach me anyway. I guess we’ll know in 15 years or so if they were wrong.