Erin is at 12 weeks and 5 days. Due June 17. Maybe a touch later than we’d prefer, but as long as everything goes well, we’ll be happy whenever the new kid decides to show up. (We’re presently contemplating a plan that would have Erin initially going back to school half time next fall.)

At Monday’s OB/GYN appointment we got to see an ultrasound of Little Baby Davison #2. Heartbeat at 151 bpm. Wriggily little thing, splashing about and moving his/her wee arms and tiny legs. Very cute even now, if I do say so myself. Everything appears A-OK at this stage. Erin’s completed a few routine labs that will provide additional confirmation, but we won’t have those results for a few more days.

Erin’s regaining a little energy (I think) as we move out of the first trimester, though more sleep is always better. Next appointment in six weeks. More news then or as warranted.