I had the distinct pleasure of helping Dave schlep his gear to Salem today. He bought a house in South Salem last month, took a job a downtown pharmacy, and began Salem residency effective today. To say that I am totally stoked about this turn of events understates matters pretty considerably. I’m already liking 2005.

Dave and I will leave Monday morning for MacWorld San Francisco 2005. Like previous years, I will have a report of the show posted here. As a bonus, I’ve borrowed my dad’s Olympus voice recorder and will be attempting to audio blog portions of the show. It’s questionable as to whether or not I’ll be able to pull this off with more than the necessary amount of success, but it’s all the rage, so I figured I’d try to be cutting edge for a change. Once posted, you should still be able to use the Comments feature to LMK how good or bad this audio blog thing is.

UPDATE 1/9/05: Looks like Interstate 5 is snowed in. Dave and I will be driving down the coast. Parents and friends need not worry. We’re carrying chains and driving in a 4WD vehicle.