Joe and Carol slyly themed it a “Margarita Party,” but this fooled no one and the gathered crowd—Matt, Ginger, Laura, Erin, Jonah, me, Dennis, Maria, Susan, Linda, Dave (Morrison), Eileen, and Robyn— showered them with birthday cards and wishes anyway. Which is not to say that there weren’t margaritas, because Joe exhibited full command of the blender, rendering regular and strawberry versions of that frozen concoction we love so well in both standard alcohol-laced and virgin varieties.

I’d like to blame my initial margarita buzz for my loss at the poker table, but the truth is I gambled that my flush would be become a straight flush and lost big. We weren’t playing for money so it’s not like it matters—something I may need to remind Maria (who won the hand) from time to time. =) On the whole (and with the help of everyone at the table), the game proved a very interesting learning experience, seeing as how I know next to nothing about poker.

Enchilada dinner, margaritas, poker, great conversation…what’s not to love? Our huge thanks to Joe, Carol, and Ella for hosting a magnificent party!