I’ve been speaking my mind a lot lately, and when I say speaking, I mean speaking. My vocabulary grows daily, but thus far Mom and Dad understand the following English words: Apple, cheese, up, down, please, Momma, Daddy, Papa, binky, milk, sky, school, hi, wow, uh-oh…well, I’m sure there are more. I can’t remember them all right now. It’s hard when you’re not in the situation that calls for them.

Of course I understand a lot more than I can say. Both Mom and Dad talk with my regularly, though Mom talks with me mostly in French. I usually don’t have trouble understanding either of them, though I don’t always want to do what they’re asking. No change there.

For the most part, I’m sleeping through the night. That’s a bed time of roughly 9 PM and a wake-up time of 7 to 8 AM. I typically have a 1.5 to 3 hour nap about 4 hours after I wake up in the morning. I can get pretty unhappy if I don’t have enough sleep.

Thus far I’m continuing to eat everything that’s put on my plate. My big favorite right now is oranges. I like those a lot. I like apples, bananas, mac & cheese, milk, apple sauce…well, just about everything, really. I eat really well. And did you notice how many of my words are food-centric? Me too! Food makes me happy!