I was well and truly sickened by Freddy and Kendra’s victory on The Amazing Race. Freddy, questionable taste in women aside, is tolerable I suppose. When you’ve the beautiful, charming, happy Kris and Jon in second, though, it’s tough to take. Kendra’s reasonably good looks and rather hot bod could for me never offset her spoiled rich girl routine and severe brain cell deficiency. So again my favorite reality show takes a plunge into the dumper.

Was anyone else stunned by Aaron’s marriage proposal to Hayden upon race elimination? Erin and I literally shrieked in horror. (And did you see the stunned look on Adam and Rebecca’s faces?) I suspect Hayden’s affable enough under normal circumstances, but add a pinch of stress and she loses it completely. After their race experience together you certainly can’t say that Aaron doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Best wishes to them both.

Which is surely also true for Jon and Kris. What wonderful, friendly people! Did ever a negative word or thought pass between them? The worst I heard was them telling a thoroughly incompetent taxi driver that he sucked. (And boy did he!) Otherwise they seemed like a bubbly pair who, frankly, ought to serve as an example to us all. So that’s gotta be worth something, even if they did finish second.

* * * * *

The US Men’s National Team rolled to a 2-1 away game victory against Trinidad which by all accounts was not a close as the score indicates. Mexico is next up on March 26 or 27 (I’ve received conflicting info).

In a related note, goalkeeper Brad Friedel has retired from the team. I never thought Friedel was as good as Kasey Keller, but he was certainly very good and a hero in the last World Cup.

* * * * *

I’ve not been able to play my favorite in utero game of “tap” with Baby #2 yet, but we’re getting pretty close. The kid is moving about a bit and I dare say it won’t be long before we’re able to have a little fun together.

Meanwhile, we’ve started acclimating Jonah to the notion that we’re going to have a baby. “Our baby” is the way we’re wording it to him, hopefully instilling in him some sense of participation in the event. (I was going to say some sense of ownership, but that seems a bit much.)