I’ve really been rather unwell this 2005, but nothing like this last week. Ever since I flew out of the Bay Area and my decongestant stopped working in flight to Seattle, I’ve had a really miserable time of it.

My parents—especially my dad—have been great about watching Jonah on the spur of the moment. Erin even took three days off last week from school just so I could try to get better.

My apologies to all our friends and family whose get-togethers we missed this last weekend. If we could have attended without infecting you all, we would have. We are quite bummed at having missed these opportunities.

Unfortunately, life turned for the worse on Saturday, and it’s not like I was healthy before. I’m convinced I was misdiagnosed as having allergies—something I’ve never had—and that the little Claratin tablet I took helped open up and shut down my sinuses for the infection that followed. Dave will, I’m sure, tell me that my pharmaceutical knowledge here is wildly off the mark, but that’s way it felt to me.

Since that silly little pill, I’ve had an enormous amount of sinus pressure which I did not have before. (How bad? Well, now even my teeth hurt.) Last night was another disaster. I took some Robitussin DM—that’s a decongestant spiked with Codeine—and was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep anyway. Around 2 AM I finally took a hot shower to drain my sinuses to the extent I could and downed some Nyquil. That let me get about 3 hours before I had to get up with Jonah.

Today I went to Kaiser Lancaster (Thanks again to Dad for watching Jonah) and met with Bridget Metcalf, PA. There we talked about my lovely case of acute sinusitis. She agreed with my assessment that my maxillary sinuses were pretty well hosed and loaded me up with some new meds—including Vicodine for nighttime pain relief. So I’m now off the worthless Tussin DM/Codeine crap as well as my long-time favorite Nyquil (since Vicodin apparently delivers some of the same type of pain relief). I’ll be using some antibiotics which should have me cleared up in about three days. During the day I’ll probably pop Advil since I can take that and remain relatively lucid.

In sum, if I can just get from here to there, I’ll be thrilled. It’s been misery.

(But enough about me: Jonah is back on antibiotics for an ear infection; Erin has a slight cough but is otherwise OK; Little Baby Davison #2 is, in utero, kicking about in ways that make this soccer-playing father proud already.)