Last week likely ranks last on my list of happy times. Yet all things must pass and it did too, and I’m feeling much better. Grateful thanks to Erin for taking a couple days off, to my dad for watching Jonah at the drop of a hat, and to Dave for medicinal advice.

Now to catch up and everything that I’ve gotten behind in….

Well, my plans for world domination are going back on hold. Just after I posted the above, I started running a fever, threw out my back, and got the chills. If reality weren’t so painful this would be a goldmine of comedy.

So…I’m trying to work my way through the days again, popping Tylenol and maybe some Flexeril for my back. At some point in 2005 I will be well, I’m sure of it. I’m just not sure when it will be.

Soon would be nice.