After yet ANOTHER bout of fun with physical ailments, I seem to be (again) almost recovered. I’m not putting any money on it, though.

Nonetheless, we had a nice weekend. Pleasant weather plus separate visits from Carlotta and Bret helped keep Jonah entertained and us happy. Perhaps even better, we have Erin’s mom Liz joining for a full week. If I can’t recover while she and Jonah hang out, maybe I don’t deserve to.

Liz is, for those curious, taking Amtrak up to Salem. She’s due at 2:03 PM Monday on the Coast Starlight which means that it’s even money that she’s in before midnight. [Update: Coast Starlight now running some 6 hours late, due at 8:04 PM. I’ll believe it when I see it. I still think there’s a good chance I’ll be getting up out of bed to pick her up at the train station.]