Erin’s 70% effaced and 0 cm dilated at this point. She’s been getting the Braxton-Hicks contractions occasionally for the last week or so, but we don’t think Baby #2’s arrival is imminent. The kid continues to ride low, however, the doctor today confirmed that the baby’s head is down and in position. Probably has been for a while now, is our take on it.

How ready are we for another child? Well, I’m plenty prepared. We’ve been gradually transferring Jonah’s stuff into his new room, and he’s been sleeping there happily. We keep his door locked during the night so he can’t go a-wandering the hallways of Casa Davison, but otherwise he’s got free reign to come and go not only into and out of his room but his bed as well. That’s pretty cool.

Two weeks remain in the school year. I still have my doubts that Erin will complete it since I think baby will show up next week. But who knows? Time permitting, I will post info here before we head off to the hospital, so with luck you’ll know almost as soon as I do.