Although she was up using the bathroom quite a bit during the night, Erin’s contractions reduced enough in frequency and severity for her to get some sleep. Jonah and I got some sleep, too, which is wonderful.

At this point (6:18 AM) the contractions are about 9 minutes apart and stronger than they were last night. Erin’s not going into school today and though she feels a touch guilty that she’s not heading immediately to the hospital, I’m confident we’ll end up there before the day is through. (Honestly, if she thought she could teach her way through the contractions, she’d be tempted to give it a go.)

Sorry, Eileen, I think this means we’ll miss your party tomorrow. And DVD, you may be riding up solo for the Portland soccer game on Monday.

UPDATE: Jonah is at Grandma and Popper’s house for the day. Erin’s contractions are 4 minutes apart. We are heading to the hospital (8:15 AM).

Updates to follow…