Elisha is a very pretty name, but I’ve never heard of it before. Where’d it come from?

Elisha was the Old Testament prophet who succeeded Elijah. The name itself means “God is glorious,” which is a fair summation of our feelings on the subject. It’s relatively uncommon, ranking 449 for girls out of the top thousand names in the 1980s. The most famous Elisha, other than the aforementioned prophet, is probably Elisha Cuthbert of the TV series 24.

How do you say “Elisha”?

It’s unpronounceable, like symbol Prince adopted for his name in the late ’80s. Indeed, “Elisha” contains sounds that have no English language equivalent, making it altogether impossible to speak her name in any meaningful fashion. In fact, if you try, you may sprain your tongue. Any medical expenses that result are not our responsibility.

Seriously though, we understand it’s a harder name than most, primarily because it sounds similar to Alyssa. So here we go: El-ish-uh, three syllables, rhyming respectively with “belle,” “dish,” and “love.” Also acceptable is Eh-lish-uh, because whether you throw the “L” into the first or second syllable it sounds pretty much the same.

We promise not to be offended if you mess it up as long as you promise not to be offended if we correct you. Jonah can say it already, so trust me, you’ll get it.

And the middle name Jeanne?

Jeanne is my grandmother’s name, my mom’s middle name, and (with a different spelling) Elisha’s godmother’s middle name. Jeanne is also the French spelling of Jean, which has some appeal given Erin’s French background and avocation.

God bless my grandma Jeanne. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lady with better sense of humor, even when she’s under trying circumstances. I have been so impressed by how she raised a large family and, with my grandfather Roy, created a family culture that imbued all their children with this same marvelous sense of humor and remarkable affability. Part of giving Elisha the middle name of Jeanne expresses my desire that Erin and I can do the same for our kids, an homage if you like to the Mansfield Clan and their joie de vie.

Was Erin’s labor and delivery experience really as easy as it sounded?

Yes. Maybe easier. I wouldn’t dream of denigrating the work that she did or the assistance that the hospital staff provided (everybody was super), but Erin’s labor and delivery was significantly easier than with Jonah. I’d guess that Erin’s same-day recovery track puts her about where she was two weeks after Jonah was born. If I’m not careful, she’ll be advocating for a return to school during finals week. Seriously.

Is it true that at 6 AM yesterday Erin was planning to go to school and teach her way through the contractions?


Enough of all this babbling. Where are the pictures?

Right here. Enjoy!