Baby Elisha (rhymes with “militia”—Haha) is sleeping and pooping just like she’s supposed to. Erin’s up with her typically twice a night for feedings, about as good as one could expect. Indeed, everything in this first week has gone so smoothly and so unexpectedly well that I’ll probably get hit by a car tomorrow just to bring my karma back into balance.

Erin returned to school yesterday for grading day. Students were out for the summer so it was just teachers packing up their rooms, working on grades, and partying. We figured that since Erin has more or less recovered from the birth experience we’d not waste a sick day—especially since she’s got to clean up her room and get grades in anyway. Might as well get paid for it if you can.

Speaking of Erin doing well, she’s on two Advil in the morning and two in the evening for uterine contractions as her body returns to normal but that’s it. We’ve had a couple of emotional bits in the last week as her hormone levels fluctuate, but nothing serious. (Serious meaning postpartum depression and the like.)

Elisha came out of the womb ready to feed (proof she’s a Davison) and has latched on very well. Erin’s milk came in Sunday morning at 4 AM while she was still in the hospital, so breastfeeding has worked out well also. Some of that is undoubtedly that Erin knows what to do this time around, but all the things outside our control (Elisha’s breastfeeding behavior, for example) are just falling into place.

And then there’s Jonah. He’s been terrific, which is another way of saying he hasn’t hit his sister yet. In fact he’s been very gentle in touching her hands and feet and patting her head. It’s quite precious to seem them interact so positively since you know that won’t last forever.

Unrelated to Elisha, Jonah has seen a marked vocabulary improvement in the last week or so. In many instances he’s able to convey a lot of information about whatever he’s talking about and sometimes even in complete sentences. It’s very impressive to see him progressing so well.

Finally, let me thank everyone who’s sent their congratulations, visited us, brought us food or gifts, and so forth. My parents in particular have gone beyond the call of duty in this last week, and we deeply appreciate it. A major reason everything with Elisha has gone so well is the support we’ve had. We know it, and we’re ever so thankful for it.